AVG Consulting, INC.
AVG Consulting, Inc is committed to working with clients to address complex issues that surround ERP Application Security. Our Security Professionals and our strong support network, deliver industry best practices and innovative application security solutions to safeguard, minimize risk and eliminate its impact on businesses.

Application Security and Business Process Controls

Our Security and Business Process Control frameworks are proven and tested to ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Without adequate Security and Control solutions specifically designed to protect critical information, companies are susceptible to internal and external attacks that can compromise sensitive and confidential information, severely impact corporate assets, and affect investor relationships.


As businesses endeavor to balance increasingly complicated security requirements with flexibility and functionality, Business Process Controls and Application Security components are becoming a progressively higher priority. AVG Consulting, Inc works with its clients to determine the appropriate level of security and controls without compromising the capabilities available in today's enterprise resource planning applications.


Utilizing industry best practices and proven Business Process Controls and Application Security techniques, AVG Consulting, Inc strives to offer succinct solutions that are both easily maintainable and understood in our clients' business environments.